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1 day | £100

  • Progress your dream of smallholding towards a reality?

  • Know more about smallholding before taking the plunge?

  • Discover how you can successfully mix smallholding and full-time employment?

  • Get hands-on with pigs, sheep and cattle.

On this day course we intend to show what smallholding is really all about. Give you hands-on experience and answer your questions so you can start to become familiar with the realities of smallholding and feel confident about pursuing the smallholding dream.

10.00:    Refreshments and introductions. What do you want out of smallholding and what do you want out of your day with us?

10.30:    Setting-up a smallholding. DEFRA rules and regulations.

11.00:    Pigs. Meet our pigs. Learn about buying, housing, feeding, handling and breeding.

12.30:    Lunch: (made with our home-reared highland beef). We fully encourage discussion and questions during this hour in order to make full use of time.

1.30:    Sheep: Meet our sheep. Learn about buying, housing, feeding, handling and breeding.

Chickens (We can usually arrange a talk on poultry if desired).

2.30:    Cattle: Meet our highland cattle: Learn about buying, housing, feeding, handling and breeding.

3.30:    Abattoirs, butchering and marketing your produce. Tools and equipment. Fencing and grassland management. Vets. Final questions and answers.

4.00:    Course ends. Refreshments.


Full course notes will be supplied via pdf following the course.


50% of the course fee will be due with your initial booking, with the remainder due 4-weeks prior to the course date. Fees will be fully refunded in the unlikely event that we cancel the course. 

Payment via Paypal to: or please ask for details if you would prefer to pay by BACS.

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